Your Fact Sheets at GPs' Fingertips

A unique, cost-effective way to get your fact sheets to 90% of GPs in Australia.

Partnership with Australia's leading GP clinical software

Partnership with Australia's leading GP clinical software

By integrating with Medical Director and Best Practice (coming soon), Healthshare puts your fact sheets right into the workflow of over 90% of GPs in Australia.

Fact Sheets in Action

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Best Practice

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Facilitate Information Therapy

Information Therapy involves prescribing the right information to the right patient at the right time to achieve optimum clinical outcomes.

Integrating your fact sheets into the clinical flow means GPs can hand out relevant information to patients at the time of consultation. This discourages patients from looking up medical information on the internet and empowers them to make informed health decisions.

Harness the Power of Digital

The Healthshare Fact Sheets tool offers clear advantages over current print solutions including the ability to use rich delivery formats, offer information in multiple languages, update content seamlessly and more.

Why deal with the hassle of printing and mailing fact sheets when it can be delivered electronically to the GPs' desktops.

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Hard Copy Fact Sheets

Patient & GP Education

PDF Versions

Video Content

Emailable to Patient

Multi-Language Options

Easily Updated

Cost Effective

Feedback from GPs


Get value from your marketing budget

The Fact Sheets tool delivers cost savings, efficiency and reach to your marketing spend.

Unprecedented reach

Unique opportunity to reach over 90% of GPs in Australia.

Feedback loop

We encourage GPs to provide feedback on your Fact Sheets to assist in developing new fact sheets and improving existing new ones.

Easily keep your fact sheets up-to-date

Your fact sheets can be updated at any time, with no additional cost.

What GPs are saying

I really like the auto-suggest feature on the fact sheet widget. Anything that helps me get through my clinical consultations more efficiently is a tool that I want on my desktop.

I particularly like the multilanguage aspect. Many patients want to discuss their health issues with their family and language can sometimes be an issue.