About Us

Healthshare is a growing Australian digital health company dedicated to improving health outcomes by building innovative products that improve access to information and health practitioners.

Partnership with Australia's leading GP clinical software

The Healthshare Product Suite

Our GP tools are fully integrated into GPs' clinical software.

Healthshare Fact Sheets

Healthshare Fact Sheets is an up-to-date database of high quality patient and GP fact sheets.

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Healthshare Referrals

Healthshare Referrals is a comprehensive list of specialist medical practitioners in Australia.

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Our health portal helps Australians make better health choices.


Healthshare.com.au is a leading digital health platform that connects consumers with local, credible and relevant health practitioners, products and health information.

Select Partners

Our partners include over 100 of Australia's leading not-for-profit health organisations.

Our Values

Healthshare has a strong set of values which guides the way we operate and do business.

We Care

We are dedicated to improving health outcomes for Australians.

We Make Things Happen

We take things head-on. We don't accept mediocrity.

We Innovate

We connect, we create and we expand on new possibilities.

We are Better Together

. . . with our colleagues, business partners, customers and members.

Our Team

Our highly experienced management team has over 50 years of combined healthcare and technology experience. Read more about our leadership team here.